5 secret of success-100 things successful

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Today I will say 100 things successful people do I will say five things from this book that are successful people.

so let’s begin…..

No:1 (have a great body language )

Your body language is 24% visible and people continue to manage it, terrible thing is that you do not know what they are handling. That’s why it’s very important that you make your body language more relevant. If you are saying that you believe in the subject matter of your body language and show it. If you keep your hand while you say this and do not keep eye contact, then it will make you feel opposite. When you meet someone first time, smile first eye contact and then handshake. But remember that handshake does not go on in all cultures. That’s why whatever you do in culture, you will do that. Then your body should be kept in it, if you have leaned or sat down, then do not move faster than it should be. Do not get too fizzy when the person is NERVUSE. Like lowering the head, giving head again and again, it will take NERVUSE to see you in it. And it seems UNTRUTHFUL If you speak like this then the next person thinks that you are lying. It is difficult to say that the person in front of your body language is commenting, so you can get help from your friend or family to fix your body language, tell them to be honest with you, maybe they can tell you why you want to fail Has been You can also tell your bad habit.

No:2 (ask for help)

If the successful person does not know anything, then they are not ashamed to accept it and others are ashamed of it. In the way that the person in front is thinking, I do not know this simple thing. I do not know the meaning of this word. If you do not know what you have to do then accept it. There is no counter-knowledge about it. After answering your reactions, if the person knows the reality of the person, he will laugh at you and if he wants something, then he will come to you. Successful people know when to call him a line. That line is wait a minute I have no idea about it. When you learn to say it, you will learn a lot of new things.

No:3 (be emotionally intelligent)

Successful person is mentally more emotionally intelligent. They do not control them. This means that anyone can ragate him until he is angry or not. And they do not react and do not react. Give some examples of poor emotional intelligent, people argue with trains and bus, parents are rubbing on the street with their child. Someone puts his rejoin letter in front of his boss and swears that he will never work at his office. Call it autopilot mood and say Automatically reacting to the words of others, your personality moves to others. You have to give up on the autopilot mood, if you react in a straightforward way, then you give your power to him. You have to stop reacting suddenly. Think before reacting.

No:4 ( Follow Your Dreams)

Successfully people follow their Dream. Minimum fills a dream. Never seen a small belle is a dream. His Dream is connected with his success. And that dream is connected to its success. And the dream keeps him motivated. That’s why your dream is what your dream is that does not let you sleep. Make use of words of words using mix of words. This list will help you remember the dream that you forgot. And with that dream, I asked myself 4 questions for connection create:-

No:1– What did you like to do in your childhood? And what would you want to be?

NO:2– What would you do if you were financially free of money?

No:3–How do you feel like your best part of life now? Which do you want to do even more?

No:4– What do you like to do at your spare time?

When you can identify your dream, you will find many obstacles and there is no longer time to do it in life. Now I can not take such a big risk of getting married, or my parents will never support the idea again. There must be reason behind not doing any work as a successful person. You must find courage and work with reason to do something.

No:5 (create your future )

Successful people are looking for change and luck, you can see any successful person who has succeeded. That’s why he was successful in the right time at the right place. But the truth is, that its 4 good fortune every piece result is its whole year’s hard work. It is not enough to see dreams and fulfill the plan to fulfill it. You have to take action on that plan. And you have to say that you will make your future. You have to be prepared for war, to take risks for sacrificing for the sake of peace.

So these are the 5 tips that I shared with you from 100 things successful people do book.

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