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Today I share with you some things from Smarter Faster Better Book that will help you achieve your goals. That’s a very good book. If you want to buy the book, I gave the link to the decryption.

Friends, in the 1980s GE became General Electric America’s 2nd highest-grossing company. And then there was one of the biggest companies in the world. Because this company made many things. There are so many things you can not believe.

From the light bulb to the jet engine, and everything from the refrigerator to the train carriage. And they had some TV shows that millions of people would see. Infact ge was such a big company of its time that 200,000 people used to work there. The number that was more than the population of the American city of that time. And behind these successes, the goal of setting goals for them by GE. The goal of determining the powerful rules that they made in 1940 were the people of the whole world. Because the results from it were really incredible.

That is why in 1960, ge has made this goal setting necessary for all its employees. Which is their supervisor and managers were tempted to check for 4 times a year. That’s the reason for everyone’s success in the ge’s grand success. Because it is true that fulfilling the full goal is very important for a man or company. If you mind seriously, you will not be able to stop anyone. It is said that it is as dangerous as having a goal without a person, as much as a ship without any direction, roaming in the sea, which will not be able to sink the vessel tomorrow. Just as a body is unable without spirit, so to accomplish something in our life, the goal is very important. So now I’ll tell you the way to set your ge’s goals that can be followed by setting a very good goal. And working on them can make them full.

 let’s start….

This method of setting goals is divided into 5 sections, or it follows the 5 fundamental properties which are named as Smart Goals. And here’s something smart and nothing is just a name that registers the 5 properties.

Where its first property is specific. It will decide whether your goal is really specific or in the air, the fiasco of the word. Two friends were discussing their future thoughts about how their future would be, so a friend and a man in the words said to hear that, what would you buy a car in the future? Then the second friend said that I am very expensive to buy a good sports car. Which sports car? Umm is that ferrari. Is there a good farer? Hey brother, the one who is red, the one who did not want to return again. There are many types of Ferrari Ango, 448 Italia, La Ferrari, F forti etc. Hey brother, what do you buy and buy any one? Then who will be seen then.

The second friend of this example is not specific with his own goals, because of his low goals on the basis of smart goals that he can buy fir cars? And the problem is that most of us are just like this second friend. Those who are not specific, only speak in the air. For example, once I went to the event of a network marketing company, we were taught that most of us are dreaming that we will buy a big house and buy expensive cars, but it is not that specific, how will we do this? They think that they will do this by doing simple jobs but you will calculate the calculator and if you work hard for 15 years and earn an average of 50 thousand a month, you will also see that after 15 years, you will not have 1 crore rupees. So how do you think you should buy millions of cars.

This is why the first step of the smart goal teaches that the goals you have set are specific and clear. Do not think that you have to earn a lot of money, think about a certain amount, that if I do this, I have to earn 10 lakh a year. In this you can calculate how much you have to do for 10 lakhs of income etc. This will increase your chances of completing your goals. If you think just as I’m going to wake up one day and I’ll see a backdoor in my house, then it’s just a dream. Not really. This is why the first tie of the Smart Goals is to set a specific goal for yourself.

M is the smartest goal M in the second. Everything you need to do in the 2nd is that your goal is to become a mezzanal who you can be able to make. For example, if you have to reduce your weight, then you do not have to worry that you will have to be fine, rather it is 1 point point-to-point, that you have to reduce weight of 4 kg in 1 month. Then, as the second point of your weight, Major and see how far you are reaching 4 kilograms reduction, and the next task is to do as well. Seeing the great aspect of the Major is that you can see your success in front of it. It will help you to meet that goal by motivating you.

So, before heading any goal, and then he was going to make a big difference in how much you are going forward and how much. Because if you do not major, you are more likely to forget that goal, or you will not be able to achieve it. Bandhu makes a big difference after setting goals as the second point of the Smart Goal.

The third round of smart mills is achievable, for example, to achieve something. This point teaches us that we must define our goals which can be practiced in real life or possible, which we can fulfill with specific action. It is often due to the fact that people have a lot of unrealistic goals for their emotions. Which becomes impossible after which it becomes impossible to fill. For example, I said I’ll be millionaire. And working hard to day and night, it is foolish to set such goals within 1 week. I believe I could be Millionaire, but it is impossible to be Millionaire in 1 week, without any big fate or any bad work. So you set your goals in such a way that if you break it you can do it necessary to fulfill or complete the daily.

On the 1st point, say that if you have to reduce the weight of 15 kg, then do not think directly to you that you will do starch diet, exercise and do it within 1 week. Instead, make it more realistic and actionable. At 1 kg weight loss I will exercise every morning, and every day I do not eat more than 2,000 calories of food, cleaning my own action, fulfills my goal because it is the right and the best rule. I conjecture this point that this third point of the smart table teaches three things to ask for a goal For.

The first goal you set is real based? As with the example of weight, say 1 kg reduction in 1 week is real based on which you can complete the action.

The second question is whether you have control over your goal? For example, you can reduce the weight of 1 kg by controlling food and physical activity, so this is entirely in your hands.

What is the third tool you need to meet the goal? For example, if there is enough time, gym, racing shoes, etc., or whatever things are needed for weight loss. If yes, then your goals are achievable, which will follow the 3 rd point of the smart goal technique.

4th point for smart ball technology and R for Rialabalt sign. It asks you whether the action you are taking is taking you to your goals or whether the activities you are doing help you to meet your goals or relate to your goals. Because many times it is such that when we start by setting goals, we know what to do. But gradually we have been working just because of other tasks and responsibilities of life which keeps us busy and we think we are moving forward but in reality what is not related to our goals, which generally do not lead us to our goals. So be careful after setting goals and do all those tasks which will help the most to meet a major goal.

And you can set a technique to make it possible. The technique is to do the task first, which is related to your goal, which will give you less effect and maximum value. Then you will do the work which is more effective but its value is more. Then you do those things which have less value than the effect. And it would be better to avoid the last one.

The 5th point is the timeline of the Smart Goal technique t signing. And the point that takes less time to fulfill your goal, the question is. Illustrations I remember teachers would have given 1 month time to complete an assignment in school college. But the end of the month was completed a month ago or most of the time is the last day. With this example, I am not saying laziness, but only this, that when we do not work at the beginning, even when the deadline is given, we can finish the work before that.

So this point teaches us the need for deadlines to fill our goals. Many people can not fulfill their goals, because no one has the right to impose their deadlines like school college. But we must understand that if we do something in life, we need to be our own teachers, to build a deadline. We have to punish ourselves if we can not fulfill the deadline before work. So, according to the 5th point, always give a goal to your goal.

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