Ways to increase the power of desire

“Only if there is a will”. Since that time, this proverb has been circulating in people’s mouths. But it is really difficult to have the desire to do what is right and to keep that desire to the end.

Researchers have done a great deal of research to find ways to increase human will power. Ultimately, they have come to the conclusion that willpower is like a muscle that is tired of overwork and needs a modest diet to fill that fatigue.

Studies have also shown that through proper care, it is possible to increase the ability of the will like other muscles of the body. There is no such thing as a human being when the will power prevails. Let’s not know how to increase this energy.


The task of meditation is to direct your brain (brain) yourself. One study found that meditating for 5 minutes a day, after 2 1/2 days, will make you feel that you can focus on any work, get energy at work and reduce stress. Regular meditation can increase your attention, will power, ability to remember and multiply.

Work on physical gestures

Physical gestures are also involved in increasing the power of desire. Experts have done research on this. In this two-week study, they asked one team to move in a normal way and tell another team to change their movements slightly. The change is that they will sit upright whenever they feel comfortable in themselves. Not surprisingly, these common habitual changes greatly increase their willpower.

Eat less sugary foods

When we take food, our body takes in a chemical called glucose, which flows with blood, goes into our brain and helps to increase our thinking energy, intellect and desire to create something new. However, it should be moderated so that we do not see a shortage or excess of sugar in our blood.

Get enough sleep

If sleep is not the same, we feel the effects of it. Lack of sleep creates tension in the brain. The body cannot produce glucose because there is not enough rest, so the brain does not get as much energy as it needs, so the power of the mind or the will can not work properly.

Exercise the body

What is tolerated in the human body becomes tolerated? So if you first feel sluggish, even if you practice a little body every day, you will see that it is not bad anymore, but the body is light and fluffy, you can do any work with patience. The feeling that you can do anything else will increase your self-confidence and will power by thousands.

Be mindful of one task at a time

Focusing on one task at a time makes it easier to focus on the mind. One of the many tasks at the same time will not increase your attention by doing it one by one. Remember that you are playing puzzles and use your mind to solve your problems without worrying. This process helps your brain cell to focus on the mind. Practicing this process a little daily will increase your energy of desire.

Practice being attentive

We usually work every day to break the rules, what to wear, what to eat. What we have to do is to set things right in front of us and we do not think anything else. But do you think that you are living a lonely life in it? Do you think why you are eating rice at the breakfast table and not eating bread eggs? In fact, I would like to say that if our life is not a little different then everything will get a bit boring so give yourself some mind, practice this mindfulness and see that life is not as white as you think.

Talk to yourself

What do you think when most people see themselves in the mirror? She saw that if her nose was thinner, she would look nice if only a little taller! If I had long hair! If I had a mask like that! How much more But do we once think that I am more beautiful or taller or better than anyone else!

Nah these are but we usually do not think, nor do we think. This feeling does not give us self satisfaction. So from today, stand in front of the mirror to find out not your own hurt but to find out what you have, tell yourself how much better you are than ten people. Saying this but will increase your will power, self-confidence in yourself will be stronger, will give you a clear idea of ​​life.

Seek inspiration

It is difficult for some or anyone to inspire us in the way of life, but if we do not get this motivation, many times we have to stop on our way. This motivation helps to increase the power of his will for anyone. You should do something or listen to someone or mix up with someone who motivates you.

Sharing the path to achievement

As a kid, many are fond of doing different things, but can we all achieve that? Many can. The only reason he stays true to his goals and shares what he has to do to achieve it.

You can only change yourself. Someone may be your inspiration on the way, but you have to work ahead. And when you see that your self-confidence, will power will increase many times. Do not despair, any task can be very difficult but not impossible.

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