Why we need product research?

Some important points:

1: Evaluate your idea for a new product.

2:  If there is a need for it and what is that your potential customer are looking for.

3:  Product research will tell you whether the available options on the market are meeting the needs and expectations of existing customers.

4: One of steve job’s famous quotes is “it is’t the customers job to know what they want.” There is certainly some truth statement but the results from a product research survey are still an essential baseline measurement.

What are the criteria for product hunting?

Criteria of product hunting:

1: Is it demand in market?

2: High or low competition

3: Profit Manager

4: How many seller?

5: Reviews

6: How can you he different?

7: PPC campaign

What are the tools available for product and keyword search?

Five tools are available but first 4 are major tools:

1: Jungle scout

2: Helium 10

3: Viral launch

4: Merchant word

5: AMZ suggestion Expender (only keyword search)

Regard: Anas rabbni(EVS student enablers)  

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