5 Regrets Of The Hying By Bronnie Ware


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Today’s script is a little emotional Today’s script will force you to admit that where you are. Where are you going? Why are you going ?Today I will call you 5 Regrets that people are right before death. Author Bronier worked for many years in the Pehlei To Name as a nurse. The name of the Pehlei tu name is called jaiga, where the patient is brought to relax, who is at the last stage. Those who do not have any chances to live. While working on the author, some Patience has regretted getting some things. The one who has done this at a Patience, most of the 5 Regrets that most people make at Last Time. The most common regret is the time of the person’s death, which is:

 I Wish I Had The Courage To Live A Life True Myself, Not The Life Others Expected Of Me

If I could spend my life the way I want, not as many other people want. I did not choose the profession that my mind used to say, I accepted my mother, adopted my father, retired and I could. But I could not do that for which I was born.

People just do not work like this for themselves. Because what will the society say? What will everyone say? I have become Cosine Doctor Engineer. That’s why I have to be a Doctor or an Engineer. If I want that I’ll be Youtuber, if I want to be a blogger. So I can not do it, because my family is not allowed in my society.

When the time of death came near, people did the work that I did not like at all. When I got up in the morning, I would not be happy for that work. But I was forced to do the money all the time doing that job. It is the world’s biggest regret which is the time of human death. But Ist Never Too Late If you think that you do not like this work that you are doing, there are many more roads in the world. You try Do not go anywhere from your regret that you have not tried. I wish I could try it !!

That’s why you always listen to your mind. That’s what you like, the way you like your life Spend. If you think that people will say what? Then you do not like the way you like life. And at last you also regret this. If I did not listen to other people !!

If you have seen this video, please ask all parents, please do not force your child. That would be Doctor or Engineer. He also had to study what his Cosine did and did. Every person is different. The Saber Request is different. If he is a Doctor, then he can not be a good doctor. Doctor, who is a doctor in the family’s press, but they do not enjoy it. After being a Doctor, he killed mosquitoes. Equal Engineer and the same. What do you want? Regret this before your baby dies. Alas! If I did not listen to my parents!

The second biggest regret is that when we came to the point of death, I wish I did not work, if I did not work so much !! When death comes to the realization, why do I work so hard? I just made for income? Could not give time to family I could not give time to kids, I did not have time to play with my kids. I never gave myself time. I just worked for others. You do as much as your juror. This point does not mean that you give up working. This means that you give yourself time. Give your family a time. When your family waits for you and you do not come. Think about how it feels?

3rd Regret that we do before the death. , I Wish I Would Had The Expressions of My Feelings! If I could express my Felling. We can not express ourselves for fear of fear of society, maybe for fear of family, or for some reason, Felling Express does not mean that you propose a cow. Expressing Felling means that your parents tell you how much you love them. You can tell your husband or wife how much you love him. You can tell your children that love expresses love as love and love increases. Always remember that if you feel ashamed to say then write down and write.

4th Regret that we die That is, I Had Stayed In Touch With My Friends, if I were to stay in touch with my friends !! We become so busy in our lives that we forget the friends. The friends who come to work in my head and sorrow Who helped you, who knows you more than your family That’s why Always Keeping Mind Whether you are married or your child, forget about your friends. Friendship is a very big part of our life. After watching this video, the friends whom you think you call, call them. You will be very happy.

5th Regret that we understand before we die That is: I Wish That I Had My Self Be Happier If I could keep myself happy That’s not happy, and you’ll be happy. Happy comes from your heart. Take a look at Mountain Cleaner, you think you’ll be glad you arrive at Pic. So you have to lift a Helecopter to reach that Pic. So you can be happy? No, but rather happy, that’s what leads you towards your Dream. If you do not have any Dream then see Dream. This Regert’s Solation matches the first 4 Regret. Hope you enjoy watching this video ….


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