How to overcome examination tension


Hello Friends….

In today’s Script I will say how to remove Tension and Street. A little detail I will say about this, and I hope you see this story and understand how to remove this tension. And it’s a harmful for us.

So, I’m trying to convince you through a story. Sitting in a Teacher Class. And he asked a student, the teacher took a glass and gave half a cup of water. When the child was able to understand, he said, sir a question! The glass that is empty is just another one. The teacher raises the glass again and again, and asks, what can be the rate of this glass? The child was confused that he had a counter question. Someone said that it will be half kilo. Someone said that he would be more, and someone said that he will have less. Everyone has their own separate opinion. After listening to all the teacher, it said that the weight is dependent on how to hold it. If I keep the glass for 1 minute then it will be less heavy. And if you keep it for 1 hour then it will be heavier, and if I keep it all day, then my hand will get hurt. And for me it will be a lot of trouble. It is a matter of fact that Life is a Tension and Stress. If I keep it for a short time, then Alp will suffer. If I spend a little longer then it will be more difficult, but if I always make it worse then. Stress is one of the same to one person, Stress Family’s Presvre is a good mark for a student. And when our relatives do not give us results, then what is the result of that phone? Those who never search for a little and do not. I’m not dead. What is the news beta result with phone? And if my results are bad at the time then I have to answer whether the time has ended?

Have more time, keep working. It is a stress, so there is a business person’s business’s Stress Family ‘Stress in Family’s Stress, and everyone else’s Stress exists. Now the question is how to remove it?

So I’ll try to explain you with an example. You think, that all of you have a big tension, it has been solved. You think, that time period was your What did this tension of what you did, how much time you have you? Then you will feel like I was thinking that it was a ferule. As much as you have in your hands, you will do as much as you can in order that you will not regret later, who missed you. Tension is like this. For this you give yourself perfect, do not think that after you, I miss the year. That’s because of me.

Whether it’s Family Problems, Problems of Business, Profession, whether it’s a student. You’ll be perfect. All things will continue to be dear to you. And the biggest thing for these things is Self-Confidence. Always trust yourself. And all the tension in life all ends in one line. Try to understand the words that are in your heart, and try to understand what is in the mind of others. I think you understand a little bit.


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