How to prepare for exams in short time


Hello Friends….

Now all the exams are coming to a lot. Most of the students are like me. For example, there is still 1 week left of the exam or 10 days left. How to prepare the preparation so that the result is good. At the start of the time, we end up with that we now have 3-4 hours a day. 90+ results but gradually we forget that fact. And then we think if we could read a little bit. But Friend it’s Never Too Late Do Anything If You Are Really Want To Achier Something So in this video we will talk about how you will take preparation in a short time so that you can cover Syllabus. And you can bring a good mark at the exam. Talk to everyone first, tell everyone to sit down, but do not sit on reading until you get the sound from inside. Then you can think of this video, that I have to read. Because if you did not want to do good results then you would not click on this video. But now that you are clicking here, trust me a little bit. And give me only 5-6 Mint Time. After watching this video you will definitely feel like you have clicked on the right video. I’m starting with friends…

In this video, I will talk about 3 things, which you will have to follow after 1 week or 10 days or your exam is started.

1st Tips Is– Don’t Try To Do New Things:

Friends, you have a lot less time, so you do not try to learn something new, because it will have the Pressure of the exam on you and then it will take some new things. And if you try to learn something new, you cannot give more time to whatever you can. That’s why instead of a few new shakers, you have to finish what you have read. They read them in such a way that you have to get any jigger questions from there. If you get questions from those questions in the exam then you can solve them very easily. And you’re sure you will not have any mark cut from here. That’s why you try to finish what you have read before, before you learn something new. If you still have time, you can learn something new.

2nd Tips Is– Complete Easy & Your Fart Topics First:

Now you do not have much time now, so you have to choose Easy and Favorite Topics from all Subjects, and you finish them. As a result, your speed will gradually increase, because you have made the Easy Chapter first that you have read before or you feel that it is easy for you that will bring Confidence in you. That is, you can do that Subject well. Your Confidence will help you to get a better result in your exam.

3rd Tips Is– Revision Notes :

As I said earlier, the Revision Note has to be made. So instead of reading the complete book at the Lost Time, you can finish that Revision Notes easily 2-3 times. But if you have not made Revision Notes, then there is no problem marking important questions only when you are ready to read. Which must be read before your exam. So, At Last That Time you read that straight Question Concept.

So, Friends hope these three things will help you to be absolutely helpful. Another thing to say about this is Time a Tension Free.


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