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Hell Elrod has been one of the tops sells man of his own company for 20 years. Her relationship was not good, the family was happy. And she was happy and she was happy. Everything was fine. But one day when he was going to live, it became an accident. An alcoholic man drove his car at 70km high speed and won, causing his accident. It broke his leg. The arm was broken. Lunch was turned, many more serious injuries came. Even for 6 minutes, she died at this road. Then Durant came paramedic and revive him and took him to the hospital, where he was in a coma for 3 days.

 When he got up, the doctor said that his brain permanently got damaged. And she would never walk again, knowing that she was so shaking and sad. But he learned one thing that we could not change any of the negative results, thinking that it would be negative but for just 5 minutes. No more than that. When something bad happens to you, then set a timer with you, angry for up to 5 minutes, sad, shouting, crying, which Issa tie, but after 5 minutes more than that we regret it. Can’t change, this will make our situation and life worse. Will do no good That’s why the front positivity and hell keep this thing in mind. He applied this same rule, ignoring his thinking.

If he accepts: Yes it’s okay. Then there may be 2 things, yes the doctor who says that yes I will never walk, if that happens and then I will be the happiest person on the wheel chair. Or the second option: I’ll prove the doctor wrong, and start walking again. After deciding these two things, he eliminated the tension and the distressed one altogether. And smile. In that condition, it seemed to the doctor that hell did not want to accept the truth. And he would have been much more fortunate. But the issue was something else.

After this, the result was positive because of the positive attitude and the hell that started to walk very slowly, the doctor who became very scary, and the doctor who had become dejected, and only after 3 weeks, the doctor proved the mistake. And after all, all is well and good and hell is back to normal life with more confidence than ever. After which he broke a lot of recoding in his company, earned a lot of money, opened a business itself, Akhtar took a new house. And everything started to be best, but after that, his life was a big hazard. In 2007, the economy became cruel As a result, his business began to destroy. She is then postal at the worst moment in her life. hell says that this feeling was the worst of his life. Because after all these things started to get worse with him, he was slowly getting poorer.

He could not understand anything, then his wife took him to a friend and asked him to make a suggestion, that friend was very rich. He was doing a lot of good things in his life, and he went to him for that bad moment. For advice, hell explained all her situation to her friend, telling her how much she thought. And he got some business tips. To make the situation better, the friend said to hell, you need to do business now, not 2 things, but first and every morning they wake up and exercise. No, And she went away, but she could not understand anything else.

So she continued to apply those 2 tips. Even Reagan was a psychic. hell’s the saying that being rituals in the morning means waking up at dawn and doing some exercise good things every day, who made it a habit. It’s an effect fully thing to be successful because she can win the day and win her whole time. And a better morning refreshes our boy and mind, who blesses our whole day well. That is why the author decided that he would not just get up in the morning to exercise and wear the book, but he would fine out. All of those things are the best of the best for all success full person personality development and to advance themselves. And will use these rituals as a ritual.

Then he researched, then he got 6 such habits that follow almost all success person. The 5 habits had a lot of impacts so it started to ritualize them together. When he started there was owed 50 thousand dollars. Her house was being taken from her cousin. She was absolutely unhealthy and sad, but in this month of 6th habit, she started doubling her income for more than 2 months. Talking to his house after being a little fit, he became a much happier person when he participated in the marathon race, yes the person whom the doctor told him he could never walk in that ultra-marathon was so fast and so fast that the author himself got annoyed, hence the author’s name. miracle has a morning because they were not less than a miracle.

So, now I’ll tell you those habits, which should make you ritual in the morning and start running. The author has made an ironing form to remember the 5 habits of the author whose savers mean the first habit is silence, silence means the author wants meditation or prayers. Many people wake up in the morning with all the tension and after some newspaper, someone checks out Facebook. But success does not do it to the person who usually does meditation or prayer in silence mode after waking up in the morning, which relaxes the tar brain and gives a good start to the day, and for brian to nourish the peak performance and it works.

At first, the author believed that meditation was just a ritual thing. That has nothing to do with success. After researching and after successful completion of the subject, he learned that meditation is a subject which is most helpful in helping the successful person come forward. In fact, billionaire wealthy manager Ray Dalio said that meditation has been the No. 1 role in his financial success, and not just crediting meditation for keeping the brain in peck mode and maintaining discipline for almost all tasks, so the first thing to do is practice silence.

2nd a is to be a confirmation, it’s a powerful tension that makes many successful people use. Affirmation is nothing but a positive statement that we tell ourselves over and over again that we sit in our brain and our brain thinks it is true and then we will continue to be like that in reality.

example: If you repeatedly said to yourself, that I am a confident person, I am a confident person, then the matter slowly goes to your brain. Then you will be in reality too.

3rd v is visualization, it is also a powerful tactic that affirmation with a lot of similar, affirmation, you repeatedly repeat one thing in mind, on the other hand, through visualization of visualization, the subject of matter within the brain, you want the reality. example: There was some problem in starting at the author’s marathon for the practice. But when he started visualization, he was going to just 1 hour before the practice, he was wearing a shoe and he was filling it well, then after visualization, it would have been easier for him to practice, visualization can.

4th E is the morning of exercise in the morning of our exercise oxygen goes to your brain. By relapsing your mind endorphin, your thinking is clearer, you feel better. Your energy level increases for the entire day. And this is a very different vista. And to take advantage of all this, the author is not saying that you need to exercise in your gem, rather you can get up in the morning for some time in the middle of this exercise. Just 5 minutes of jumping in the morning of, in fact, jangling can increase your energy, clarity, thoughts up to 10 times.

At 5th R, reading and reading was not to say books like author newspaper, fifty shares, but to read the book that you develop, example: self-help, books, which summarizes all the videos I did. That’s your knowledge intelligence and it’s going to improve you from all walks of life.

6th S is either scribing Author inscribing Writing Writing your corals your damage Something else is very powerfull by writing something like this. It plays a role in making our dream a reality. riched branches He is a billionaire. He said that the best thing that made me billionaire, which you can do. That’s always a notebook and pen with you. After that any thoughts, ideas, the knowledge you get or any important thing that you write in the book, this simple thing will help you a lot every day. Now as much as it is important to start our new habit, it is important to eliminate our bad habits.


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