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Today, we will talk about some of the topics that will help build our Study Schedule. And we will also see how to create a schedule? And how do we follow it?

Generally, we read more about the Subject that we like, the more we like it. But we do not read other Subject. That’s why our mark comes even lower. This is why it is important to create a Study Schedule. So let’s see how to create a Study Schedule.

1st Make List Of Your Subject

Sometimes it happens that we have a reading mood, I think to read. Then one of us comes in Question.

What will I read And then we waste it 30-40 minutes to decide it? How to read it? Before making the Better Schedule, you will create a list of all the Subjects that you have to read. So that our time is not waste. And we know when to read a Subject and when to read it.

2nd Determine Your Study Goal

Determine Your Goal You will know why you are creating a schedule. And you have decided the goal that can be your final exam or even an international exam. That’s why you want to get that result.

That means you create an Excepted Result. And put it in your study room. In this, you can follow the Cagily Schedule.

3rd Give Priority

Whenever you have made a list of each Subject you have already started your Goal. You have to give all this subject to the priority Priority. And every book should be given a Chapter or PointWise Priority. So that when scheduling you can understand which topics or chapters you need to read first.

4th Reserve Time For Non-Academic Activities

The way you decide the Subject and give it a priority. How much time do you have to pay for Non-Academic Activities? Look at that too. Because it is very important that you have some time with your Study Life as well as Family and Friends. As a result, Management comes into your Personal Life & Academic Life.

5th Available Time

We have given priority to Subject, but at the same time, it is important to know how much time we have. And how much time will be required for each subject?

6th Take Short Breaks

You will have 1-1.30 minutes to read 4-5 hours at a time and you do not have the power and efficiency.

7th Give Rewards To Yourself

After completing the Study Season every 2-3 minutes, you give yourself Reword how much you have accomplished. Confidence and Boots with which you will feel and feel good.

8th Decide Your Best Time For Reading

It is also important to know that at some point you have more time to sit down. Generally should read Theatrical Subject in the morning. Because Efficiency is very high in the morning and you do not like your reading at the time, read your favorite subject at that time, it is a magical tip that you should keep in mind while scheduling. Now let us see how to create a Schedule Schedule and how to follow it.

First of all, I want to say what everyone does wrong. I have seen many of my friends make the schedule, like morning 6.00 to get the tie, 6-6.30 to be ready. After reading 6.30-8.30 for lunch, then 8030-9.00 for Breakfast, then read again till 9.00 to 11.00 then lunch break till 11.00-1.30. Friends If you create such a TimeWise Schedule, you will never be able to follow it. Because it may be that you have to sleep 12 ties at night according to your schedule. But for some of your most important work, let’s sleep. And you can not get up early, you got up at 7.00.

In this way, before the Day Start, you will get Confidence Down. And you think that you can not get up early in the morning. And think of this, you will get too many wise time. So do it for months. Accordingly, he made Decide Weekly and finally took Daily Decide. Because of this, if you are too late, Mood will not stop and you try to achieve your target early. This, in turn, increases your Efficiency.

I say daily Step, that when we want to get up, we should gradually rise from small steps, if we want to achieve the Monthly Goal, we have to achieve Weekly Goal. And to achieve the Weekly Goal, try to earn Daily Goal. This is why you first try to achieve a daily goal. And you will schedule according to your needs. Then you can easily cover your goals.


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